Why do we need to charge our batteries?

“We need to recharge our batteries” how many times have we heard this wishful thinking? I bet at least a thousand times, I bet each of us have experienced a situation where this particular “battery charge” was one of the items on our “to-do” list and suddenly lost priority. Why do we deprive ourselves of the possibility of rest and regeneration?

This may be related to our endless desire to be productive and productive, and to perceive rest and “doing nothing” as embarrassing and stressful. How is it that I do nothing?

I have so many things to do that I cannot afford to be idle. Does this sound familiar?

It’s a vicious cycle that we get into when we should try to break it and change our approach. Replace non-supportive habits with those that give us strength and support our development.

Note that you allow your devices to charge the battery when needed and this is a normal step to continue using them. Maybe it is worth trying to use this option of ‘recharging’ yourself?

How to break this vicious circle? We do not have to set ourselves up for a revolution in our behavior or habits, although it is worth trying to make small changes in everyday activities. It takes time to build a new habit or change an old one – a study by researchers at University College London done in 2009, shows that the average time to develop a habit is 66 days (not the 21 days that are used by high-profile marketing campaigns). What does this mean for us? That the best method we can use to change our approach to battery charging is the small steps method.

Start by finding an activity / ritual that gives you pleasure and energizes. Perhaps it will be a short relaxation, a walk in the park, listening to music, or something completely different. Try to integrate this activity into your everyday day and see how it affects your energy levels.

How do you see it, is it easy for you to catch your breath and recharge your batteries, or is it something you struggle with?

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