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BE technical with humanistic basis

Be A woman in a man's world


I’m a change enthusiast, a trainer, a woman leader, an IT process specialist and a psychologist.believe that the most unquestionable thing in our lives is learning to embrace Changes and treat them as an opportunity to master self awareness and rediscover ideas about the surrounding world. Change has played a crucial role in the development of my career, right from day one. Thanks to this mindset I had the opportunity to work with different organizations (university, individual clients, small & medium sized enterprises, corporate businesses). 

Throughout my career I have been living and working in Poland, Singapore and Belgium. Currently I’m located in the heart of Brussels. As a trained psychologist (MA degree) and trainer (1st degree Trainer of Metrum School of Trainers), am passionate about group dynamics both on a professional and personal level. Taking up arising opportunities that could result in our growth makes me feel inspired and motivated. 

Working as a trainer I taught my groups how communication skills can improve their daily lives, how to work on their boundaries at work, how to deal with increasing stress levels at work and the never-ending process of tasks that are piling up. As an IT process specialist
(ITIL, agile) working for big organizations, I am passionate about service excellence, delivering high quality solutions, increasing reliability (SRE), stakeholders management. Driven by curiosity I traveled to more than 20 countries, I lived with people from 12 different nationalities and as a gift for my 32th birthday I started to take singing lessons. would like to share with you inspiring ideas and my know-how gathered through my career and personal experience. 


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