Cooking on fire, an adventure trip to the most interesting corners of Poland. This is team building in the wilderness.

Aleksander Polański

The workshop is led by Olek Polanski, an art historian by profession and passion. For many years, Olek has been passionately following what is happening in the art market, and is able to tell many interesting and not-so-obvious stories that are behind famous paintings. Architecture is his second passion, he loves to discover interesting places that are not always accessible to the wider public. As an art historian, he professionally makes sure that architectural gems survive as long as possible in the best condition.

In free time, he traverses Poland and Europe by bicycle. His passion is cooking. He combines flavors, textures, ingredients in an obviously tasty way. 

Outdoor team building, is an interesting form that will enhance the integration in your team. Thanks to the workshop prepared by Olek, you and your team will have the opportunity to arouse curiosity – the route you will travel with your team (by bike/bus/walking) will be planned exclusively for you. Perhaps you would like to rediscover the area where your office is located, or maybe you will want to explore a completely different region of the country or Europe.

The culmination of the workshop will be a culinary feast, which you will prepare together with Olek. It will be in an unconventional way, i.e. cooking over a live fire in a Finnish pan. 

All you have to do is indicate to us what region you would like to spend time in, and we will arrange the route for you. It will be tailored to the capabilities of your team.

Places. We offer tours:
– typical cycling
– on the trail of gems of the region
– in the Urbex style

Mode of travel. By bicycle across the world, but remember that we also have e-bikes However, if your team prefers to opt for bus travel, we are open.

What will you experience? Olek will show you remarkable places from the region you are visiting. You may discover forgotten farmsteads, wooden churches with valuable paintings from hundreds of years ago. Or maybe old, closed steel mills and industrial facilities are something you want to see? We can go to just such spaces.

In addition, you will stop at places where they serve the best local specialties. And at the end, you will learn how to cook over a live fire together.

Duration. Will also adjust this to the capabilities of your team. We can go for one day or for two days. Just tell us what you expect and we will carry out the plan

Sounds interesting?


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