Creating internal strength and cooperation through self-knowledge

Many women around us are looking for women’s circles. We are looking for them to be a moment for ourselves, a moment of mindful care and a way to deepen our understanding of ourselves. 

The workshop is run by two women who have built their professional lives around activities aimed at discovering and strengthening femininity.

Location. The location of this workshop depends on the preferences of your team. The goal is to use a place where your team feels comfortable, allowing themselves to take full advantage of the methods used during this workshop.

Perhaps it could be a place close to nature, where peace and quiet would allow you to discover the potential of your team.

Perhaps it could be a place where you would want to feel like queens who discover their hidden strengths. Our team will ensure that the workshop environment supports your development.

Attractions. Classes in Slavic gymnastics, painting skirts and self-massage.

Agnieszka Kuśpiel

For years she has been a trainer of Slavic gymnastics, she runs women’s circles. She co-creates the gallery and the SIS movement, i.e. Meeting and Art. The thought that art liberates our minds it’s a guiding maxim throughout her life.

In her circles, she gathers women who want to discover or focus on their femininity. Who wants to love their body, give it more care and attention. Slavic gymnastics classes and painting skirts help our bodies move and help our minds discover immeasurable levels of happiness, understanding and joy. All this is combined with the possibility of artistic expression and focusing on “here and now” with a touch of the Slavic tradition.

Aneta Kolendo-Borowska

For years she has been associated with the world of film, theater and art. She makes sure that her clients feel happy in their body. She is a makeup artist and a face therapist. During the pandemic, she created a group for women called “Bless You, Girls!”, which brings together women from all over Poland. Traveling and discovering the techniques and traditions of face care accessible in various cultures, she created her original Bless Lift ritual. On a daily basis, he shows women how to take care of their bodies and teaches them self-massage.

Women’s workshops are aimed at introducing a sense of unity to the team and at the same time discovering your personal potential. These are artistic and movement workshops with a touch of SPA.

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