Janusz offers training for project managers who want to:

Build emotional awArEness


Develop leadership competencies

Build strategic critical thinking


I’m excited to share with you my twelve years of journey as an entrepreneur and manager in the automotive, robotics & automation, engineering, and IT industry, which resulted in high comprehension of life and business complexity.

Being a leader in positions such as CEO, COO, Project Portfolio Manager, allowed me to gain proficiency in handling large, complex, multinational projects. This experience significantly influenced my idea of how life and business should be built.

Focusing clearly on goals and expectations might be misleading. It often results in burnout, frustration, and unnecessary stress. Managing roles and responsibilities, expectations, and communication in an appropriate way can liberate us. It not only makes our management more mature but also resonates with other people making them more confident and aware.

It is important to me that management-oriented trainings and workshops should be built on two pillars: technical aspects and emotional insights. I got dozens of stories and examples of how to successfully drive a change, project/program both on a high and low level.

My trainings and workshops are inspired by programs and projects that I delivered to Daimler, Porsche, VW, GM, Fiat, Magna, Thyssen Krupp, SG Digital across the world.

Business transition, company development, problem-solving, team building are the areas in which I can share with you my knowledge and experience from a C-level perspective.

I gain a lot from sports and various mountain activities. My passion for paragliding encourages me to discover new places and meet inspiring people. Flying helps me to overcome my own fears, keep peace in my mind, and lets me feel like to being here and now. Dealing with unexpected situations in the air, when the decision needs to be made within seconds resembles mental training to me which helps me to understand that progress needs to be planned carefully.

This approach improves my training methods, so I can advise CEOs, business owners, Leaders, Project Managers, and Engineers making them more self-aware, independent, and stronger.


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