DURING THE training YOU WILL learn about:


how to define roles an responsibilities in the Project


how to define and understand Project stages


how to effectively manage the project budget


how to prepare and manage the timeschedule


how to communicate effectively with teams and stakeholders

How to become a Project Manager - step by step

During the training you will learn how to build and develop your project workshop. I will teach you step by step to properly understand the role and responsibilities of a Project Manager. I will show you how to create a budget, schedule, build teams, lay out communication plans, assess risks and handle change.

This training program is designed for people who want to develop their career, advance within the organization, retrain.

The training is also designed to familiarize you with the pitfalls that await every newly minted Project Manager. I will show you how to recognize them and effectively level their impact on your project environment.

I will show with examples how correct and consciously applied soft skills affect areas related to: communication, motivation, team responsibility. 

Training conducted by Janusz Sowa


Who the workshop is for?


who want to develop their competencies and get promoted in the near future


who would like to promote internally to the role of project manager and do not yet have the right experiance


who would like to learn how to improve their project management skills


who would like to develop their skills and bring their organizations to the next level


    Description of the workshop

    How to become a Project Manager - step by step.

    During this training, we will work on different areas of the project, to understand it better.

    The main topics of the training will be:

    • project objectives
    • project stages
    • division of roles an
    • responsibilitie
    • budget and its control
    • schedule 
    • creation of project teams
    • evaluation of the
    • effectiveness of the teams’ work

    Participants will have the opportunity to better learn and understand how project implementation should look like based on specific real-life examples.

    During the training we will work with the following methods:

    • learning theoretical basics
    • discussion (both in the workshop group and in subgroups)
    • work on examples
    • individual work


    The trainings conducted by Janusz are characterized by an in-depth understanding of business aspects. Thanks to his ease of analysis, he is able to quickly understand what area of competence in the trainee needs to be developed.
    Working with Janusz Sowa has been an interesting and change-inspiring experience. Thanks to his trainings I was able to understand more fully the issues related to project management.