what does Change mean to you


what are your Core values and how they can support you


how to respond to Change and what type of reactions are beneficial in different situations


how to transform your ‘low’ moments into source of strength

Change resilience

How to survive in the VUCA world?
Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

These words perfectly describe our world. To face everyday challenges we need to make sure that our response to them is accurate. How to survive in such an environment without panicking and letting our fears take over the steering wheel?

Training by Emilia Bożek

Who the workshop is for


people who would like to discover their Core Values and learn how they impact their decisions


people who would like to discover what is their preferred style of reaction to change


people who would like to learn how to improve their inner resilience to changes


people who would like to experience a short moment of relaxation after all these inevitable changes


    Description of the workshop

    Change resilience - how to survive in the VUCA world?

    During my workshop we will work in three different areas: knowledge, skills and beliefs. Main goal is to  improve resilience in everyday life situations through agility and consciousness. During the session you will have the opportunity to discover new things about yourself. There will be a time for reflection on your past experience. You will learn how such experience could influence your current choices. You will learn that change is inevitable and it’s only us who can decide how to respond to it. 

    I am convinced that practice is the key so the more interactive sessions we can have together, the better. However as a future participant you need to have in mind that it would require your willingness to try yourself out. Without it we will face just another ‘mandatory improvement training’.


    As a prerequisite for the workshop I would like you to think about recent situations when you experienced change. Choose one and try to note down what happened in this situation. What kind of change was it, was it expected change, what was your attitude, what was the real impact on you. You can keep the description generic. During the workshop you will have an opportunity to reflect on this situation and you might be able to share your insights with the group. However, have in mind that this will happen only if you feel comfortable with sharing your experience.


    was happy to follow relaxation training provided by Emilia. She is an awesome trainer, feels the audience and adjusts the pace and contents accordingly. Emilia's calming voice and feeling for timing are a great asset, she clearly manages to use her background and experience to optimize the training experience. I do recommend it!
    Tim Stallaert
    Emilia is known for her extraordinary communicative skills, as both these roles (a Change Manager and a Problem Manager) involve communication between several teams as a base. Emilia has very good interpersonal skills and is diplomatic. She organized a Communicative training for our team, where she interactively explained various models such as the SBI model, the Grice’s Maxims and methods to handle any type of feedback. The training was essential to our squad as we are Major Incident Managers and communication is the key characteristic of our role. The training held by Emilia , initiated us to be more time sensitive in our discussions and approachable with external teams. Also, we did come up with improvement ideas as a team in terms of expressing us better in the Organization.
    Preethi Srinivasan